Thiago Silva may have only been at Chelsea for a little over a month, but it is clear he has already made a sizeable impression on his new team-mates. One of them, fellow Portuguese speaker Jorginho, has been helping him settle, and here he speaks of their relationship and the impact Thiago Silva is having.

Arguably the surprise signing of a busy summer for Chelsea in the transfer window, the 36-year-old arrived at Stamford Bridge fresh from captaining Paris Saint-Germain to the Champions League final.

Since Thiago Silva’s first training session, Frank Lampard has consistently referenced his experience and quality, despite the language barrier which he is working hard to overcome.

Jorginho is heavily involved in that process. Our vice-captain may represent Italy on the international stage, but he grew up in Brazil and with his own English having rapidly improved, he has taught Thiago Silva some key phrases.

‘Man on, drop, up, turn, switch play - the kind of things you need to shout on the pitch,’ revealed Jorginho of some that sprung to mind.

‘When he has some questions or doubts he asks me, and I try to help him. With other players he finds a way, with his hands, or he speaks to me and I give the information to the other guys. Everyone tries to help each other on and off the pitch.

‘He is talking a lot. Defensively he has big experience and he knows about football tactically. He has played at a high level for a long time. It counts for something. It’s easy to see he is a great player.

‘He’s very happy here,’ added Jorginho. ‘He’s a big personality, a big player, with big experience.

‘He’s helping all of us a lot, the group, the young players, everyone because he has personality. He is helping everyone with what he feels and what he feels is the right thing to say. He is doing very well and we are happy to have him here.’

Thiago Silva’s two most recent appearances have yielded clean sheets for the team, and shoring up defensively remains a key target for Lampard and the coaching staff, as well as the players.

‘We are trying to be a solid team, not conceding goals,’ says Jorginho.

‘Details can make the difference: being aggressive, defending inside the box, how to press, 50/50 balls, not switching off on set plays.

‘We need to be aware all the time and we are trying to do that. We are on the right way.’