Kalidou Koulibaly joined fellow members of Chelsea’s Muslim community as part of our ongoing No To Hate campaign.

Koulibaly visited the West London Islamic Cultural Centre in Parsons Green to meet with worshipers who like himself are currently observing Ramadan.

Chelsea’s no.26 spoke alongside Omar Salha, CEO of the Ramadan Tent Project who Chelsea Foundation worked in collaboration with to host an Open Iftar at Stamford Bridge at the beginning of Ramadan.

Koulibaly spoke to Omar and other guests, some of whom attended the Open Iftar at Stamford Bridge, about the historic moment of being the first club to host an Open Iftar in a Premier League stadium.

The Chelsea defender then went on to join the regulars in prayer and breaking of the fast before helping serve guests with soup. As a parting gift, he presented Omar with a signed shirt of his own.

Koulibaly told the Sunday Times: ‘Nobody is higher than somebody else. With small events like this, people can be more secure. Ramadan is all about faith. If you believe you can do it, you can. Fasting is a mental challenge for an athlete but once you know you can pass it, you are mentally stronger, you feel you can do anything. Ramadan has given me this way of thinking.’

Ramadan is recognised at Chelsea FC and Chelsea Foundation as part of the No To Hate campaign which is a club-wide equality, diversity and inclusion programme that targets hate and discrimination, and aims to educate all stakeholders inside and outside of Chelsea FC and football.

Promoting religious tolerance is one of No To Hate’s key focus areas, with other religious festivals highlighted throughout the calendar year.