Frank Lampard has addressed a touchline incident at Anfield on Wednesday night by expressing regret at the language he used but not the passion he felt and showed in defending his team against a perceived injustice.

The boss was frustrated late in the first half when Mateo Kovacic was penalised for a foul on Sadio Mane, even though the Blues midfielder appeared to win the ball.

The decision was compounded when Trent Alexander-Arnold curled the resulting free-kick into the top corner to put Liverpool 2-0 up, though it was more the behaviour by some on the Reds bench that Lampard felt ‘crossed the line.’

Due to the fact there were no supporters inside Anfield, Lampard’s grievances were caught on microphone and the video of his exchange with the Liverpool bench has subsequently received plenty of attention on social media and beyond.

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Given an opportunity to explain the incident at his press conference this lunchtime, Lampard admitted that he should have toned down the language used but he said he had no regrets about showing passion to back his players.

‘I’ve seen the video and I was obviously there,’ he said. ‘In terms of the language I used, I do regret that because I know these things get replayed a lot on social media.

‘I have two young daughters who are on social media so I regret that but I don’t regret having passion to defend my team. I could maybe have handled it slightly differently to keep that language in.’

Lampard also clarified that he had no issue with Liverpool celebrating their goals or their deserved title triumph. After shaking hands with Jurgen Klopp at the final whistle, he also congratulated a number of the home players in their dressing room.

‘I want to be clear about this because some of the reports have said I was upset with the celebrating of the Liverpool team but it was far from that,’ he explained. ‘Liverpool should celebrate as much as they want with the season they’ve had.

‘I would have had a beer with Jurgen Klopp after the game and toasted what a performance they’ve done this year but there were things I didn’t like from their bench - not Jurgen Klopp but people behind the bench - that I felt crossed the line.

‘That’s what got me agitated but it’s done now. Emotions run high amongst most managers and players and fans in this game. I regret the language and we move on.'

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