In the latest Ask Frank video, our head coach gives responses to questions posed by Chelsea fans on the Fifth Stand app, with the focus on recovery, preparation and Lampard's early playing days.

Blues fans are asked regularly via our app to submit their queries to Lampard, posted via the Comments section on The 5th Stand. The boss takes time ahead of each game that his team plays to answer a selection of them with our cameras filming the replies.

The video of the latest answers can be watched above, with Lampard revealing what position he sometimes occupied growing up, and also explaining what the preparations have been like for today's game at Burnley.

'A lot of the focus after Ajax has been on recovery,' says Lampard. 'The players are recovering their legs trying to stay fresh.

'Burnley is going to be a very tough match, difficult team to play against, a lot of threats. We will try and give the players as much information as we can, because we want to go and get the right result.'

You can watch the video above to hear more of the boss's answers.

There will be a chance to submit questions for the next Ask Frank session soon. Keep an eye on The 5th Stand.