Frank Lampard has explained why he is so excited by Enzo Fernandez's potential, believing we have only seen a portion of what the midfielder can bring to Chelsea so far due to tactical requirements.

Enzo has been in the starting line-up for all nine games since Frank Lampard returned to Chelsea as caretaker manager in early April, quickly becoming a key player in the side despite only joining the club himself in January, and having no prior experience of playing in the Premier League, after only moving to Europe with Benfica last summer.

However, in the relatively short time they have been working together, Lampard has seen enough to be deeply impressed with a player aged just 22 and the way he has adapted to life with the Blues.

‘Enzo gets it,’ said Lampard. ‘He gets what’s required in training, he gets what’s required to be a Chelsea player, he’s got a high talent himself. Some players just get it. When you work with someone you understand it pretty quickly and he gets it.

‘With Enzo I’ve been impressed with him as a player, his attitude to training, his attitude to games, his determination and something about him, when he doesn’t speak the language much at all, but he’s learning fast.’

Of course, it has not been the easiest of starts to life at Stamford Bridge for Enzo, arriving during a difficult campaign for the team on the pitch, but that hasn’t stopped Lampard from being convinced there are big things ahead for the Argentine international.

‘I’ve got a lot of faith that Enzo will be a big part of what happens here in the future of the club,’ he said. ‘So I feel for him a little bit that he has come in at this time, but I don’t feel for him that much because he’s had a massive move to the Premier League, he’s won the World Cup. He should be sitting back at the end of this season quite rightly putting his feet up and saying: “what a year”. But in terms of how he can affect the future, I think he’ll be central to the future.’

Lampard also went on to explain one of the reasons he believes so strongly that there is a lot more to come from Enzo at Chelsea, namely that we have rarely seen him operating within his best role in the team to fully utilise his wide array of talents.

Our caretaker manager has a clear view of how the midfielder can be used better and have a larger impact on games, even if other tactical and selection considerations mean it is something Lampard has had to leave for Chelsea to explore in the future.

‘My personal view of Enzo is that he could play in probably all the midfield roles, but I think seeing him train and play and getting a feeling for him, he probably has more to offer than to be a single-six, as much as he can play as a double-six, where he can join into the game more, and play as an eight, and offer the really good attributes he’s got across his game.

‘That’s my personal opinion and I’ve not actually asked him that question, because in my time here it’s been a fact that he’s been the most natural six out of a midfield which doesn’t have so many natural sixes, in my opinion. So that’s where Enzo’s played and fair play to him, he’s never once said to me that’s not for him, because that’s what his attitude’s like, to do the best for the team.

‘But I think going forward he can join into the game a lot more. We saw little bits of it against Manchester City, where he played in the double-six. He ended up slightly higher up the pitch and he’s got a really good eye to play forward.

‘At the minute that’s something we as a team have not been doing enough in my opinion, playing forward and being more direct in our game higher up the pitch, finding passes that really test the opposition. Enzo can play that pass, so being up the pitch is a good thing for him too.’

Whichever role Enzo ends up making his own at Chelsea in the longer term, Lampard seems convinced the 22-year-old will turn out to be a huge success in it. Judging by the player’s progress during his first year in Europe, as well as the four months he has spent with the Blues so far, it would be a brave person who disagrees with him.