In his Friday afternoon media conference at Cobham, Frank Lampard has thanked Chelsea fans for a new banner at Stamford Bridge emphasising their continuing support for him.

His words came as part of a wider discussion with reporters on the importance of having the backing of his players as well as the Blues supporters, even if the fans cannot do so in person at games at the moment, and how different the pressure is as a manager from how he felt it as a player.‘My concern is not the pressure on me because I can deal with it, because I have been in football a long, long time as a player at top clubs, so I understand how it goes and it is different as a player,’ Lampard explained.‘The pressure needs to be positive on the players because it’s the players that make you a good manager or a not so good manager and that can flip very quickly, as we always see.

‘So it is important the players don’t feel that, I don’t mind taking the pressure, the players have to feel a good pressure. They want to win games, they want to get some form back, we know how quickly the form and results can turn in this league, we have seen it now more than ever, so we just have to direct that pressure in the right way on the pitch.‘As it is players who will always make you a good or bad or in between manager, you have to have buy-in from the dressing room,’ he continued, ‘because my opinion is football is a certain percentage tactics but it is a much bigger percentage environment, drive, positivity and desire, and all those things which create the basis in football.’

There are banners already at our stadium celebrating Lampard, including ones that date back to his magnificent playing career, and now some fans have clubbed together for a new one which will be visible at the game on Sunday.‘I absolutely appreciate the fans that put together to create the banner,’ Lampard said.‘I think everyone who knows me or watched me as a player or watches me as a manager knows how I feel about this club, so I appreciate that very much.’