Frank Lampard has cast his mind back to his days as a player and the excitement he felt when Chelsea made a big signing in the January transfer window. With those experiences in mind, the boss has stressed the youngsters in his squad now must maintain motivation and belief when they consider the possibility of incomings next month.

Following the lifting of our transfer ban, there has been plenty of speculation about us making a move in the January window, something the Blues did on occasion during Lampard’s playing days.

‘I never found it negative,’ he recalled.

‘I remember certain moments when the club make statement signings, like when Fernando Torres came to the club, and they were always exciting – they might not have been for the other centre-forwards!

‘When you’re a player at a club and you want it to be successful and push and push, you do get excited by players coming in. On the flipside of that, if you are at centre-forward it has to drive you to react. I always think it’s healthy and par for the course at a club like Chelsea. You shouldn’t expect it to be any other way. It keeps you on your toes and that’s a good thing.

‘If I start to look at where we can strengthen the squad, it’s not going to be a slight on any of the young players,’ continued Lampard.

‘We all here have seen what’s happened since the summer, the idea of going into the Academy and giving these boys a chance is a really good one because they deserve it. They haven’t been getting that so much in the past, and I do think we have changed our minds maybe a little bit on that one.

‘All of them know I’m prepared to give them the chances and the opportunities if they train well and come in and play well. I haven’t needed to have that conversation with them about who may come in. They should naturally feel a little bit of tension all the time, which isn’t the worst thing, but they also just need to work and believe in their own talents.’

When it comes to the attributes Lampard is looking for in any possible additions next month and going forward, the boss is unequivocal. They are qualities that bring to mind his own as a player.

‘Work ethic, a desire to run, a capacity to run and then a desire to do it, and then a will to win and come in and fight and be successful for the club.

‘Of course we want to sign talented players, that’s obvious, but those are huge things for me. We want people who will come here with a real intention to be a success.’