In the latest Ask Frank video, our head coach gives responses to questions posed by Chelsea fans in an exclusive question and answer session via the 5th Stand App.

The queries put to Lampard this week include whether his father, Frank Snr., and uncle, Harry Redknapp, are coming to the game given their West Ham past and where he will be making them sit, and the influence of the Hammers on him when he was growing up there. The answers are on The 5th Stand app now.

The current Chelsea boss is also asked about his 2001 switch to Stamford Bridge and responds:

'The move to Chelsea was a huge step for me, a small step across London in a way but a big step in what it meant to me in moving to a club who had people in their dressing room who were World Cup winners and superstars. The expectation levels rose and for a young player that is quite a big eye-opener to the standards and the improvement you want in your own game.

'I remember the feeling vividly, the first time sitting at Stamford Bridge and realising the size of this club and trying to look into the future and seeing what might be and I could never imagine the 13 years that came with me playing and managing now and it is pretty special.'

Other topics this week include Chelsea's fluid system at the moment, his selection choices, and the importance of impact substitutes.

Blues fans are asked regularly via The 5th Stand to supply their questions to be put to Lampard. They are posted via the Comments section on The 5th Stand and he takes time after his pre-match media conference is finished to answer a selection of them with our cameras filming the replies.

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There will be a chance to submit questions for the next Ask Frank session soon. Keep an eye on The 5th Stand.