The hours leading up to kick-off are important for any player and from time to time, we check in with one of the Chelsea team to find out how he spends his preparation and any habits or routines he has.

Having made his debut back in September, Malang Sarr has been enjoying plenty of minutes in the Blues defence in recent weeks, including appearances in all three of our January wins over Tottenham. Now he tells us how he readied himself for those derbies and for other games.

After I wake up I like to have a good breakfast…It depends on the time of the game but if we have a late game, I like to have a really big breakfast so I don't need to eat too much during the day. I will eat things like eggs, bread, fruit, sometimes coffee or tea, it depends.

Later, it is time for a walk and a sleep…

Firstly I like to have a walk. Normally we have the team walk on the day of a game so that’s good for me.When we play later I like to have a really good nap - one hour or two hours just to be ready. Then I take a shower, have a good stretch just to feel good and feel ready, before going to the team meeting. Then I go for the team meal and we go to the stadium.

I listen to a lot of music before a game…

I start listening to music when I'm in the bus and throughout my preparation at the stadium, before we put the boots on to go out and warm up for the game. I'm listening to music for 45 minutes to get ready and focused, that's my thing. There's a few songs that I listen to each and every game but I try to change it a little bit each time and I like lots of different types of music.

Sometimes I like to go outside when I first arrive at a stadium...If it's good weather I go out just to see the pitch sometimes, give a little call to my mother just before going back to the locker room. It gives me some strength.

The atmosphere was great when I first went onto the pitch at Stamford Bridge…That was crazy. To play at the Bridge was something I was looking forward to for a long time and it was a dream come true. I was really happy to be able to play and my first game went well so it was excellent.