In the second of a new summer series with our players, Ben Chilwell tells us about his first memories of attending matches in the stands and not on the pitch…

I used to go to Man United games, funnily enough, with my dad, who supported them. The first one, I can’t remember who it was against, but it was a Man United game.
We always used to go to the Champions League ones after school, so it would have been a Champions League game at Old Trafford, that’s the first one I remember. Having your first one in the Champions League is pretty good.

We used to go by train, we would have to take about four different trains, straight from school, and just about make it for kick-off, then get about four different trains on the way home as well, get home for one o’clock in the morning, straight in to school the next morning again, but they were brilliant memories.

It’s nights like that which make you fall in love with football. Going straight from school, six- or seven-hour round trip, just to go and watch a game. Just being starstruck and in awe of all the players, that’s the kind of night which makes you love football I guess.

I was focused all on the pitch, trying to find my favourite players at the time and just seeing them in person was crazy. Just the feeling of awe at the position they were in and looking up to them like gods.

Of course the atmosphere’s amazing, but I was definitely one of those people focused on the pitch and the players.