After Chelsea were named Club of the Year at the Ballon d’Or awards earlier this week, Petr Cech uses his latest weekly column to discuss that achievement and the inclusion of nine Blues among Europe’s best male and female players, as well as look ahead to a cup final this weekend…

Individual awards always raise so many question marks because how do you really compare players from different leagues and different positions?

We can have these discussions all day long about whether it’s about most goals, most tackles, most saves or most passes so in terms of choosing which player wins, it’s always hard because during the year you have players who are outstanding in so many of those and important for their teams.

People who score and make goals will always have a much bigger advantage than anybody else and it all depends if you won something with your team but in terms of the Club of the Year, there is much less doubt because you have to win things.

We are worthy winners of this award because both the men’s team and the women’s team were among the best in 2021, both reaching their Champions League final, Chelsea Women winning the league title and the men winning the Super Cup.

There are so many great memories and achievements in the year that we should be really proud of and it’s something the club really deserves.

Many teams, one club

You need to have the structure and the teams with the quality to be ready to compete so you need everything together otherwise it would not work. That’s why it’s nice for the whole club, for everybody and not only for the players because the club is the club.

It’s the people behind the scenes who do the service for the teams and who work hard every day, the people who the fans have never heard of but they do everything in their ability to support the teams and the club to have that success.

It’s recognition for everyone and the players really are the icing on the cake. Of course, they are also the decisive factor in whether we are successful or not but all these people behind the scenes have to make their effort to make everything possible so it’s a great achievement for everyone.

Above and beyond

At Watford it was a very demanding game for the medical team, not only on the pitch with a few clashes and an injury and they were constantly coming on, but also with the incident in the stand where our doctors were quickly there and they helped to save the life of the fan.

This is what it’s all about, that everybody is ready when needed and it’s nice to know that you have people around you who can always find solutions for problems.

A showpiece to savour

It’s the FA Cup final and it’s a special game, a London derby at Wembley against a very strong team. Chelsea versus Arsenal in the women’s game is always a really tough, strong game so I’m looking forward it and I expect a really quality game.

I have to say I find it a bit strange that the game was put straight after the international break because the players from both teams are all over the world and that could have a big impact.

We know travelling around the world now is not as straightforward as it used to be but hopefully the game will not be affected too much and hopefully as a club we can add another trophy.