Mason Mount had more than just the victory and the manner it was achieved to discuss after Sunday’s final game of the season against Watford.

That is because the 23-year-old discovered a few minutes after the final whistle that he had been voted the men’s team Chelsea Player of the Season, becoming the 12th in our history to win the accolade more than once and just the sixth to do so in consecutive seasons.He did so having reached double figures for both goals and assists, a target he revealed he sets himself every season while also saying he is now aiming for greater totals next season. However for the time being it is about the season just completed.‘It is an unbelievable feeling,’ Mount confirmed shortly after being handed the Player of the Season trophy.

‘If someone had told me that in my first seasons I would win this twice I would never have believed them at all. It is a massive thank you to the fans because they are always behind me and it has been a difficult last couple of weeks for myself, but with the support they have given me they keep pushing me. The boys help me as well and we have been very strong throughout the season to stay together and not let anything bother us.’

We strive to do better

The fact that two cup finals were contested and the third-place finish was secured against a backdrop of uncertainty was reflected upon by Mount as he considered 2021/22 as a whole.‘It has been a rollercoaster of a season. I feel like you always say that at the end of a season but this season and the circumstances we have had to go through have been different, but we have gone into every game with the same mentality and been focused for everything.‘Yes we could have done better, we strive to do better, but the way the boys have handled it throughout the season, the staff, us as a club, has been brilliant and we will be back next season.

‘The only control we had was on the pitch and that is the only focus we have as players, to do the best we can to try to win every game that we are involved in.‘We were in so many competitions this season and more often than not we get to the end of them, so we are playing a lot of games, every three days. It’s difficult but that is where we want to be, we want to be at the top.‘We just fell short with a couple of trophies this season as well and obviously in the league, but we are ready to go again. It is a little break now but we know we can be up there, we know that we can compete against these top teams but we need to be consistent. That is something that we will look at and hopefully we can do that next season.’

Exciting times ahead

Turning his attention to the Watford game, Mount admitted the team made it tougher to get the win than it could have been but he is pleased that unlike in several other home games this season, there was a response there when the opponents found our net.

‘We are buzzing for Ross to have come on and score and for Chilly to come on right at the end, and there was a big farewell for Rudi. It feels like the season has gone on for ages but now it has come to an end we look forward to next season.

‘I definitely think that there are exciting times ahead. We don’t know too much what is going on behind the scenes but we are excited as players, we are absolutely buzzing for the next season. Hopefully we can keep progressing as a club.’