We all know the outcome. We all remember Kai passing it into an empty net, Mahrez shooting over, Azpi hoisting the famous trophy aloft in the Porto sky. But on the first anniversary of our second Champions League triumph, can you place the game's key events in the order they happened?

That is what we are asking you as we celebrate one of the greatest nights in Chelsea history a year on. Even if the memories are fresh, can you get the details right?

We have picked out 13 moments from the win over Man City. All you have to do is move them up and down to get them in chronological order, starting with the earliest event in the final.

You have three lives to get the order correct. If you don't manage to do so with each of your first two attempts, you will get a brief glimpse at the right and wrong answers, so stay alert when you click Choose, and most importantly, good luck!

And if you want to check the action again yourself, you can do so with the full Champions League final video