Graham Potter was left with mixed feelings from Chelsea's 2-2 draw with Everton, being pleased with the attacking intent and some of the individual performances at Stamford Bridge, but left frustrated by the manner in which we conceded twice.

On two occasions Graham Potter saw his Chelsea side take the lead, through Joao Felix's first goal at Stamford Bridge and a Kai Havertz penalty, only to allow our opponents back into the game each time, as Everton equalised first from a corner and again from a long-ball.

However, despite admitting he was frustrated both by our failure to take all three points and the way we allowed the Toffees back into the game, he was quick to point out that his players did lots of things right as well, while giving some credit to Sean Dyche's Everton for fighting back.

'We’re really disappointed because we dropped two points at home,' said Potter. 'We wanted to win, I think you saw the intention of the team. There were a lot of positive things in the performance, but ultimately we haven’t defended well enough and to concede two goals means it’s not so easy to win the game. So that’s the disappointing thing for us.

'I think you have to credit Everton. They do what they do well and they use their physicality, they use the set-pieces, they ask you a question. But I think we controlled most of the game really well, as much as you can at this level.

'Ultimately the first goal was really disappointing, from a set-piece perspective, we spoke about that before the game. Then the second goal we haven’t attacked well enough and then exposed ourselves to a big space to defend and haven’t done it well enough. So these little small things when you look at how much we put into the game and how much we tried to attack, to be cheap with the goals we conceded is really disappointing.

'I think Everton used their strengths well. They’ve got physicality, they used Doucoure and Onana on long balls and second balls and throw-ins and set-pieces, to create danger, to create pressure. Sean’s sides have always done that well. So it’s not easy to control it as well as you’d like, but I think we lost a little bit of control for a short period of time and when we did we conceded. That’s the frustrating bit.'

Despite that disappointment, Potter was encouraged by many of the individual performances from the Blues...

'I think result-wise it was a step back because we wanted to win, but performance-wise it was a step forward. I think there was a lot good in the game. We attacked well, Joao, Kai, CP were positive in the first half, certainly. Reece and Chilly used the width well, Enzo I thought was creative in midfield, Wesley drove the game well. So individual performances were positive, the team intention was good, but again the feeling is frustration because we dropped points.

'The boys are disappointed. I’d like to keep the conversation private but the boys were frustrated because they put a lot into the game and the intention was there, they wanted to win. Performance-wise it was quite a strong performance I thought but ultimately we’re really frustrated because we can’t concede the goals we did and expect to win games.'

He also discussed the performances of Joao Felix, who was on the receiving end of some rough treatment from the Everton defenders, and substitute Conor Gallagher...

'I think Joao played a really good game. He mixed his game up well, he ran in behind, he dropped in, I think he linked up well with Kai and Christian and Enzo and Kova so I’m really happy with his performance.

'Coming to the Premier League there’s going to be physicality, you expect that, it’s up to the referees to see all the incidents, but we’re happy with Joao and we’re happy with how the affected the game. He’s adapting and learning all the time so it’s positive for us.

'If Conor doesn’t start then there’s a chance that he can be the first sub. We used Kova and Enzo in midfield, so it was just a tactical decision there. Then the front three was Joao, Kai and Christian Pulisic, just from a profile of player, more dibblers, which is why I went with Christian in that role there.

'So Conor’s been really unlucky because whenever he comes on he does really well. He’ll be frustrated and rightly so, but we think the world of him and he’s a fantastic team player.'

Potter also provided an update on Wesley Fofana's condition, after he was substituted late on with an apparent injury...

'I’m not sure if he will still be able to meet up with France during the international break yet, I don’t know. He was fatiguing at the end and went down. We thought it was cramp so let’s hope it is, but we haven’t assessed it yet fully.'