Graham Potter felt the draw was a fair result as he reflected on our 1-1 New Year’s Day result away at Nottingham Forest.

The Blues led early on through Raheem Sterling but our advantage was cancelled out by a close-range finish from Serge Aurier in a second half in which Forest were much improved.

It was that difference between the first and second period that Potter highlighted afterwards, pinpointing his side’s inability to take advantage of their control before the break and then their loosening grip after the interval.

‘Overall when the game was controlled for us in the first half, I didn’t think we did well enough,’ he said. ‘Our performance level wasn’t good enough in terms of we didn’t move the ball fast enough, didn’t have enough movement. You have to credit the opponent in both halves.

‘In the first half, they defended deeper and attacked big spaces and in the second half when it became a bit more uncontrolled, we suffered as well.

‘They played a good version of themselves. Even though we had a good chance at the end with Pierre and we rallied, I think it would have been unfair if we’d taken more than a point.’

The head coach also felt Forest deserved credit for the turnaround…

‘Their approach changed. They played better and more positively with more men forward and they used their forwards well. They’re dangerous and recent results here show they make teams suffer so we had to suffer today for sure.

‘The first period of the second half was tough for us. We had to wrestle back some control, which we did with the substitutions, but over the course of the game when you understand the responsibility we have to do better, we could do better.’

Potter was questioned about our away form and whether the team struggle with hostile atmospheres…

‘I don’t think it’s this team, it’s just generally. You have to credit Nottingham Forest because they’re here for the first time in a lot of years so they’re celebrating everything and rightly so. They used the crowd and we have to be able to deal with that.

‘I thought we stood up today and the effort was there. We played a draw against Brentford which isn’t an easy place to go, Aston Villa and Crystal Palace we won, Brighton wasn’t a good game for us at all, but that’s the Premier League for you. Away from home, teams don’t make it easy for you.’

Finally, Potter was asked about the transfer window swinging open today…

‘It’s part of the season that we all have to deal with so I won’t complain about it. While the window is open, there’s noise and 24/7 media that has to be filled with something. It’s normal and it’s a part of modern-day football that we have to deal with.’