We are proud to announce the first of the small London businesses that are receiving free advertising across our media channels for the remainder of the season…

Many small businesses in London have been working hard over the past year to not only sustain and grow their own small businesses, but to help others in their communities during this difficult time.As a way of showing how ‘Proud of London’ The Pride of London are, we launched a campaign to help support local businesses to get back to their feet following the punishing impact of the global pandemic.As a result, the following businesses which range from sourcing ethically, easing unemployment, supporting the homeless to rehabilitating stroke survivors and the injured, are receiving free advertising across our social channels on matchdays for the remainder of the season.

Balance Coffee

Balance Coffee provide ethically sourced speciality coffees to the comfort of your own home, from some of the highest quality coffee farmers from around the world. Each coffee selected goes through a rigorous process of selection, roasting and taste testing to ensure they provide quality and consistency in every cup.Sustainability is at the heart of their business. They have planted over 250 trees and donate to a coffee charity called Project Waterfall that provides clean drinking water and sanitation to coffee-growing communities.


YHangry bring dinner parties to you! They believe that anyone can be a chef, and that the best way to enjoy food is with your friends. Despite the pandemic, they wanted to continue to allow their customers to enjoy the eating experience and made efforts to offer their products in a safe way. YHangry launched virtual cooking classes, batch-cooking delivery and picnic delivery spread to make sure they were providing jobs for chefs who were out of work during the pandemic.

House of Cinn

House of Cinn bake to end cycles of homelessness with a mission to turn cinnamon buns into acts of goodwill. They work to donate 65 per cent of their profits to supporting people affected by homelessness. They are currently running a pilot version of a social integration programme with a beneficiary they met through their street outreach for rough sleepers in 2017. Their co-founders combined their passion for eating good with doing good, to create a bakery brand on a mission to support and employ people most in need.

The Running School

Whether you are seven or 97, who says running isn't for you? The Running School specialise in rehabilitation for seniors, stroke survivors and injured athletes. They believe that no matter who you are or what your goals, you deserve help and support in reaching your potential, and so do we.

The remaining five businesses to receive free advertising as part of the Proud of London initiative will be announced at a later date.