We are proud to support the small businesses in London that have continued to push the city forwards through the pandemic. Small businesses need our support now more than ever. We are honoured to offer free advertising space across our social channels for the remainder of the season.

As a way of showing how ‘Proud of London’ The Pride of London are, we have launched a campaign to help support local businesses get back to their feet following the punishing impact of the global pandemic.

We are inviting small businesses with a London postcode to apply for free advertising space on matchdays, including a branded Instagram Story. With a digital community of hundreds of millions of people around the world, small London companies will gain exposure like never before via this valuable advertising space that is usually only available to sponsorship partners or businesses buying one of our digital collaborations.

Earlier this week we launched our 'Proud of London' film with Joe Cole that celebrates seven real stories of people who have opened businesses, adapted their output to support key workers, helped their communities, and inspired through art.