Christian Pulisic’s first Premier League season has taken a path no one could have predicted at the start and with football on hold, he is currently back in his United States homeland.

It is from there we caught up with the young American to find out how he is, how he is currently filling his time and to look back on how his first experiences of English football were going before the lockdown began…

Hi Christian, how are you doing? I’m back in the United States and it’s definitely good to be back with the family at this time. They are all doing well, they are all healthy so it’s good. Obviously in the US the virus has definitely been growing in certain spots but the town where I am is actually not too bad. There are a couple of cases but nothing like the scale of other places. Hopefully things can start to slow down anyway.

What’s your message to everyone in the US, and all those around the world about staying at home?It’s definitely important to stay at home, stay indoors. I think that the better we do all together by staying at home, the faster this will all be over. I don’t think a lot of people realise just how much you can do by staying at home and how many lives you can save. So it’s really important. There are so many people working in hospitals that are doing an amazing job and as I said, we just need to play our part by staying indoors and staying healthy and hopefully this will all soon be over with.

Have you kept in touch with your team-mates during all this?We have our group chats so we speak almost every day, just checking in and keeping in touch. We are all just really excited to get back and play again. We are all a little bored I think!

At least the break must have allowed you to fully recover from injury.It was really tough with this most recent one. I think that a lot of people didn’t realise how serious it was. It was a really freak injury in how it happened. It happened in training out of nothing really and it put me out a while. But I’m feeling good now, I’ve been training a lot and I’m just really excited to get back out on the field. It feels like it’s been a long time without football for everyone at the moment, but certainly for me because I had the injury on top of everything that’s going on now.

How are you keeping busy? You have been posting plenty of TikToks!

I’m just trying to find new hobbies to keep myself busy to be honest! I’m getting my training in every day but that doesn’t take up the whole day, so I’ve got on TikTok to help pass the day. I’ve always liked dancing and doing fun things, other things aside from the game. I know some people might not like this sort of stuff but I really don’t care because I’m going to carry on doing it anyway! I think it gives people chance to see me a little better. No one really knows who I am, they just see me as a footballer, so hopefully it gives them a little insight into my character.

Turning to when you were playing football, how do you reflect on your first season at Chelsea so far?It’s been a really fun season for me, it’s been awesome. It’s been a big change for me coming to Chelsea and having to get to know a whole new team, a new league and stuff. I’ve been really proud of the guys and although we’ve had our tough moments, I think overall we’ve been pretty solid. I love playing with my team-mates and we’ve had so many exciting games. I’ve really enjoyed it and we just want to give it a strong push to the end of the season, if we are able to resume.

Has it helped you that there have been other young players settling into the side?Oh yes, for sure. It’s definitely cool to have other guys at a similar age to play with and you can probably relate to those guys a little more, but I think generally we have a great mix. We’ve got some really exciting young players and then those guys with more experience that are great to learn off. It’s almost the perfect mix, I’d say.

Have you found it tougher breaking down Premier League defences than those in the Bundesliga, or similar? The Premier League is more physically demanding because of the sheer number of games and the run of the schedule. You play so many different competitions in a short space of time, so it’s quite demanding and you learn quickly about that. It’s a physical league in general. There’s been a lot to learn but my Bundesliga experience has helped me in that sense, as it’s not totally different to the Premier League.

What has it been like working with Frank Lampard? It’s been great. I watched so much of him growing up and now just getting to work with him every day and learn from him, it’s awesome. He knows so much about the game and has so much experience, so it’s great to learn from him.

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