Trick or treating. Although unlikely to be the same this Halloween today compared with other years, it’s a tradition now firmly established in England, as in other parts of the world.

Children going around houses at this time of year dressed up and hoping to collect sweet treats may date from way back in history, but the version recognised today has its origins in the United States and has spread through TV and movies.There is no doubting Halloween is very big the USA, and that means it was a memorable part of Christian Pulisic’s growing up. Now he plays in Europe, some of what he sees he recognises but as he chats trick or treat with us, some differences become clear.He thinks back to being in Hershey, Pennslyvania, on 31 October in the past.‘It is really good when you are younger, when everyone goes trick or treating. You go out with your family and you go door to door, and you get the candy and you dress up in your favourite outfits. You can wear whatever you want and dress up as anything. It is a lot of fun as a kid.’

So what was Christian’s favourite Halloween get-up?‘I was always dressing up as my favourite soccer player, or I was a bee one year,’ he recalls.A soccer player? A bee? Shouldn’t it be something far more ghoulish? Something a bit more scary?‘It doesn’t have to be scary things in the States, not at all,’ our winger explains.‘I know that is the case in Europe but it is a bit different over here. It doesn’t have to be scary back home.’

So did the young Pulisic get up to playing any tricks, and if so what?‘I was not too much messing around, I would just like to get my candy.‘If anyone does do tricks it is just like scaring people and stuff. Just like hiding behind things, wearing funny things and jumping out at people.’Pulisic tells us the other main Halloween tradition in the States is costume parties. Since he has been in Europe he has noticed trick or treat in Germany, although he does not think it is as big there, and in England.‘But it is more a scary thing when you do it,’ he makes clear again.Even if it isn’t the American tradition and even if trick or treat can’t be on his agenda this Halloween, there is still the chance for Christian Pulisic to scare Burnley at their home today, as he most definitely did last year!