Chelsea Women’s Anita Asante has been awarded for Philanthropic Endeavour at the Best of Africa Awards 2019 ceremony last week.

Now celebrating its eighth year, the Best of Africa Awards continues to unite the people who support and underpin socio-economic ethical development across the continent as well as those who continue to defy convention by breaking records, breaking boundaries and creating inspiring stories that promote the modern African narrative in the United Kingdom and around the world.

The awards evening consisted of key protagonists, top footballers and notable names across sport, music and popular culture.

Anita Asante received an award for her admirable off-the-field work, notably with Amnesty UK, the world’s leading human rights organisation.

Upon receiving her award, Asante said: ‘It’s great to get recognition for how I’m using my platform to help others and just to inspire others, it’s a really nice feeling.

‘Just to be recognised and be invited to awards evenings is a really nice achievement for myself but it also motivates me more to do as much as I can with the platform that I have.

‘To be in a room full of other people that in their own way are contributing for better in all areas just motivates me more to do more. It’s nice to meet like-minded people and try to share ideas on how to do that.’

Having also been awarded a PFA Community Champions trophy early on this year in recognition for her support of the Chelsea Foundation, the Blues midfielder spoke about what motivates her to carry out the fantastic work she does.

‘My parents inspire me, ever since I was young my parents have always said that if they can help just one individual get ahead in a small way that they would in some way.

‘I’ve seen them do that with family members that still live in Ghana, and now my dad travels back often to the village that he grew up in that has comparatively less than what I have here to donate kit and stuff to a local football team. He also takes food and clothes to help people in the community.

‘I feel like I’ve been exposed to that selflessness and I can do the same even if it’s a small thing and I’ve realised that if I have a conversation with a young budding footballer, just saying hello or signing a book means such a great deal to them and can motivate them in such a big way with such a small action,' Asante continued.

Former Chelsea forward Eniola Aluko was also in attendance and received a Philanthropic Endeavour award for leadership.