When you look back at every notable era in Chelsea history, yellow kits have been a part of the tapestry, and our new 21/22 away kit, which reintroduces the iconic colour in a new and vibrant fashion, is available to buy in all outlets today...

The kit is paired with black to create a striking and impactful design aesthetic. The pinstripe detail is a nod to kits of the past, but are refreshed by the alignment with black, representative of this new era of youthful energy taking over the club.

One of the players who defines this current era and has worked his way up through the ranks is Mason Mount. ‘When you look over the years, you always remember the yellow kits on our heroes that made an impact. As players I feel we can do the same and create even more special moments in this new kit!’

The look is complete with black shorts, yellow socks with a black stripe, and hidden accents in the neckline. The ‘Pride of London’ logo is also present on the inside of the shirt, serving as a reminder of the club’s values.

The new Chelsea away kit that players will wear on the pitch, as well as the replica shirts for the fans, are constructed with 100% recycled polyester fabric, which is made from recycled plastic bottles. This allows the kits to help deliver peak performance while reducing our impact on the environment.

No other sport captures global attention like the beautiful game, and we see this as an opportunity to scale more sustainable solutions in order to help protect the future of sport. As part of Nike’s wider Move to Zero initiative – a journey towards zero carbon and zero waste – we are focused on scaling the usage of lower-carbon material alternatives. Recycled polyester reduces carbon emissions by up to 30% compared to virgin polyester, and that’s why since 2010 Nike has been using rPoly to produce football kits.

As well as other outlets, you can shop for the kit now at the Official Chelsea Online Store or in the Stadium Megastore at Stamford Bridge.