In the next interview where we ask players to make selections based on their past, their recent choices and what crops up time and time again, Ross Barkley tells us about his favourite film actor and the surprise name he had on the back of his first England shirt…

First: What was the first football kit you ever wore?

I’d say it was the Everton kit when I was seven or eight. Either that or the England kit because I got both of them for Christmas. I actually had ‘Gerrard’ on the back even though I was an Everton fan!

Last: When was the last time you wore a football shirt of a team you weren’t playing for?

I’ve had the Brazil kit, Portugal and Spain as well. I’d wear them down the park playing football. During Euro 2004, I had a few of them then.

Always: What is the best old football shirt you have kept?

I’ve got a Duncan Ferguson Everton one just at home and then all my tops from when I first played for England. When I played for England Under-16s at 14, I’ve got that one. My debuts for Everton, England and Chelsea as well.

First: Can you remember the first phone you owned?

It was a Nokia, the one that you could play Snake on. I think it was the 3310 or the 6210. I was about eight or nine.

Last: What was the last app you installed on your current device?

I think it was Spotify. I’ve never really used it and just stuck with Apple Music or SoundCloud but all my mates have it so I’ve been trying it out. It’s really good because if you like a song, it’s got a lot of suggestions that link to it.

Always: What do you spend most time on your phone doing?

Instagram, Snapchat, watching videos on YouTube. If I’m travelling and I haven’t got my iPad on me, I’ll watch Netflix on my phone.

First: What was the first movie you really liked growing up?

I liked RoboCop. Back then, we had the video tape player so we had it on that. We didn’t really have a big selection of films at the time so it was just RoboCop and also John Travolta in the one where she’s having a baby [Look Who’s Talking].

Last: What was the last film or TV programme you watched?

Messiah on Netflix. It only started last week but it’s very good and I binge-watched it – 10 episodes finished in two or three days after training! The most recent film I watched was Green Book, which is based on a true story.

Always: What have you watched most often in your life?

Denzel Washington is my favourite actor so I’ve watched a lot of his films repeatedly. Man on Fire and Training Day, I like those type of films.

First: What was the first thing you ate or drunk this morning?

A one-and-a-half litre bottle of water. I always have one on the way into training to rehydrate in the mornings. The first thing I had to eat was a big bowl of fruit at the training ground – every day I have that.

Last: What is the last thing you normally consume before bed?

My chef comes down a few times a week and she makes all sorts of lovely food and then I just hydrate before going to sleep.

Always: What do you reckon you eat most during the week?

A couple of days before game day I’m carb-ing up so it’s pasta but other than that it’s fish and then closer to the game I eat meat more. It just depends on the match schedule really.

First: What was the first video game you bought?

Sonic on the Nintendo 64. It was my brother’s console.

Last: What was the last video game you played?

FIFA. The last time I played it was at the training ground with Tammy, Mason and Michy at an event. I don’t really play video games much at home. I used to be hooked on it but I haven’t really played properly for a while.

Always: Who do you play with?

I usually play random people online, like on Call on Duty or FIFA.

First: Did you pass your driving test first time?

No. It wasn’t a major fail but I remember it was early in the morning and there was a lot of traffic. I was pulling out of a junction and a bicycle was coming past – the examiner had to put her foot on the brake but it was a bit of an over-reaction really because I wasn’t going to take him out. When you play football, you know what’s around you but she was just a bit on edge. I took the test again 10 days later and passed.

Last: When was the last time you used public transport?

I get the train back to Liverpool quite often. It was after the Burnley game I went straight to Euston and back up. I do that sometimes when we play in the afternoon.

Always: What is the music you always listen to in the car?

It can be anything - I like reggae, R’n’B, dance music, Bob Marley, Drake, Travis Scott, Kendrick Lamar and Jamie Jones. I’m a fan of all sorts of music.

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