Chelsea Football Club wishes to remind supporters that encroaching onto the pitch before, during or after matches is a criminal act and can result in serious punishment for the club, fans and, in the case of minors, their parents or guardians.

In the below video, Thomas Tuchel gives his view on this important matter, making it clear he appreciates the support for the team but emphasising it is dangerous to come onto the pitch in Covid times and it is unfair to stewards and everybody on the pitch. He appeals for fans to stay in the stands.

Supporters involved in breaching the ground regulations by encroaching onto the pitch face the prospect of lengthy stadium bans. In the case of minors entering onto the playing surface, the parent or adult ticket holder accompanying them is deemed responsible for their actions and will also receive a ban from attending future matches.These regulations have never been more important than during the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, as the pitch and surrounding touchline areas form part of the matchday red zone needed to prevent the spread of the virus and minimise the risk to players, staff and supporters, allowing the safe return of crowds to games at Stamford Bridge this season.In addition to safety concerns, supporters of any age encroaching beyond the LED advertising boards which surround the playing surface is illegal under section four of the Football (Offences) Act 1991 and can result in criminal prosecution.This states that it is a criminal offence for any person not legally authorised to enter the playing area, or any area adjacent to it, without permission. Furthermore, the Football Association retains the power to punish such trespasses with disciplinary action against clubs, which can include fines and stadium closures.These rules are in place for good reason. The club therefore urges all those attending games to refrain from breaching them, as well as ensuring that any children attending with you do the same, and help us ensure matchdays at the Bridge continue to be an enjoyable and safe experience for everyone.