Our young striker gives his tips on what to watch…

The working week is nearly over and in between cheering on the Blues as Frank Lampard’s side take on Liverpool, you might find yourself with some downtime. And rightly so, you’ve earned it.But when it comes to the weekend, many of us may be guilty of diving into Netflix, Amazon Prime or other video channels, only to spend an inordinate amount of time flicking through thumbnails and trailers to the point of inertia trying to find something to watch.Fortunately, we’ve got Tammy Abraham on hand with some recommendations to ensure we all make the best of the free time before and after the match on Sunday.Here are Tammy’s top three recommendations for what to watch right now…

Money Heist (series)

‘A lot of the boys are watching this right now’ is how Tammy introduced his first recommendation. With millions of Euros and their lives on the line, nine robbers attempt to pull off the greatest heist of all time. Or second greatest, if you count the Barcelona 09 game at the Bridge. Set in Spanish but dubbed in English, the crime drama is the second most popular foreign-language series on Netflix and ironically with three seasons available you’ll have enough binge-worthy TV to keep you busy until we take on Liverpool on Sunday.

Brotherly Love (film)

In this coming-of-age urban drama set on the streets of Philadelphia you’ll find themes of love, family and trust as a young basketball star negotiates the many pressures of fame, and faces life-altering decisions along the way.

Taken 3 (film)

Did we need another Taken film? Probably not. Is the film studio dragging the franchise kicking and screaming to the big screen once more in order to squeeze every penny out of it? Almost certainly. Can Brian Mills and his particular set of skills catch a break? Not even a little bit. But if it’s good enough for our number nine, then we’re getting the popcorn in.

Liam Neeson with his dulcet tones returns to the front line in this action thriller as he’s falsely accused of a murder, prompting the hard-as-nails good-for-a-meme x-government operative to send the CIA and FBI on a wild goose chase for a little under two hours.