In the latest part of our series looking at the upbringing of our Academy youngsters, defender Levi Colwill recalls his earliest footballing days, first pair of boots and most important football memory to date.

What’s your earliest memory of playing football?

Probably of me and my dad in a park outside my flat, when I was aged about four. We were just doing simple drills like taking a touch with my left foot and passing the ball with my right foot.

We’ve seen you play left-back and centre-back but did you play in any other positions as a youngster?

I started off playing as a left winger until I was nine and then I moved to left-back because the coaches used to say instead of running forward with the rest of the team, I would usually cover and wait on the halfway line and do the job of a left-back!

Were you involved in any other sports?

I had football five times a week when I was younger and the rest of the time I would do other stuff with my dad. I never really had time for other sports except for the usual ones during PE at school. I was good at the majority of sports.

Did you have any idols as a youngster?

All my life my idol has been Steven Gerrard and I’ve always looked up to him as a world-class footballer. He is someone who has had his ups and downs like all of us but got through them and showed how strong he is - that’s why I’ve always looked up to him. I've had so many debates about him with my friends and coaches.

What’s your earliest memory of watching football?

It was probably Liverpool vs AC Milan in the 2005 Champions League final. I remember it so clearly because it was the time I realised anything can happen in football. At one moment I was thinking the worst, the next I was celebrating the win with my mum and dad.

What one footballing memory sticks in your mind?

When I was only offered part-time registration papers while an Under-14 here at Chelsea. At that time, it was the worst feeling ever but now I look back at it as the biggest blessing ever. It didn’t only drive me to get the decision changed but also still drives me now to never give up and prove I’m good enough.

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