In the latest part of our series looking at the upbringing of our Academy youngsters, midfielder Marcel Lewis talks Cambridge Academy, footballing idols and signing pro.

What’s your earliest memory of football?

My earliest memory is playing in a tournament when I was six for my local team Cambourne Rovers which we won.

Where did your footballing journey start?

My football journey definitely started when I signed for Cambridge United Academy. I progressed so much and I loved it there. I still keep in good contact with a few mates from there.

I have so many memories from Cambridge United, but the one that sticks to me the most is scoring at the stadium against Liverpool. I was playing two years up and it was a great moment.

How different is Chelsea Academy to Cambridge’s Academy?

It’s a lot different. The facilities are quality here, you have everything here for you to make your game even better. The quality of players here are unbelievable, training with them every day will only keep making me a better player myself.

Did you play in any other positions as a youngster?

Yes, when I was younger I remember playing at right-back for a stage… I hated it there. I’ve also played as a striker, defensive midfielder and on both wings before settling as an attacking midfielder.

Did you have any idols while growing up?

My idol growing up was the Brazilian Ronaldo. He was phenomenal on the pitch, I still watch clips of him. I also watch a lot of Isco and Thiago and base my game around them as they play in midfield and are very technical.

What’s your earliest memory of watching football?

The earliest memory of watching football was England vs Brazil in 2007 on TV. I remember trying my hardest to stay up and watch it but fell asleep after 30 minutes.

What one footballing memory sticks in your mind?

The memory that sticks to mind the most is signing my professional contact, without a doubt. It was a big moment for me and my family, the feeling of signing for a club like Chelsea was amazing.

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