The impact Cesar Azpilicueta has had during his 10 years at Chelsea is clear in the upcoming documentary Azpi: A decade in Blue, where even experienced internationals John Terry and Thiago Silva describe the Spaniard as a role model.

Azpilicueta will celebrate the 10th anniversary of his arrival at Chelsea on Wednesday, with a feature film to commemorate that achievement set to be released here on the official Chelsea website and The 5th Stand app tomorrow.

In the film we hear from current and past players, including our legendary former captain Terry, who remembers how quickly Cesar made an impression on his team-mates back in 2012.

‘When he first came in to the club, he made a big impression within the group,’ JT said of the current Chelsea skipper.

‘His attitude on a day-to-day basis in training was, I have to say, one of the best I came across in my entire football career.

‘His work ethic was incredible. He would get in the gym before training, then get in early and have his breakfast – the preparation was superb.

‘He was a role model to not only the older players, but also the youngsters in our Academy, and he’s still doing that today. He’s a credit to Chelsea.’

Thiago Silva is enjoying his third season at the Blues, having previously spent a lengthy spell with Paris Saint-Germain, meaning he knows just how tough it is to maintain the high levels needed at a top club for so long.

‘He is someone that inspires me because it isn’t easy to spend so many years at a huge club like Chelsea. I spent eight years at Paris Saint-Germain and even I thought that was a lot!’ says the Brazilian.

‘Azpi has done 10 years here. I think we need to follow examples like these of people with this integrity. He only deserves the best.

‘When you do things right, only good things will come of it. There is no way around it. He is reaping the rewards now because he did things right,’ he adds.

‘He is a unique guy that I am proud to say he is my friend.’

You can see the full interviews with Terry, Thiago Silva and plenty more current and former Chelsea players, including Azpilicueta himself, when Azpi: A decade in Blue is released in full here on the official Chelsea website and The 5th Stand app on Wednesday.