This Tuesday (19 May) we will re-live what many regard the greatest moment in the history of Chelsea by throwing another Watch Party, celebrating the anniversary of a very special night in Munich.

It is another chance for fans to engage with each other on social media while watching the climax to the game, bringing the Chelsea community together. And what a match to remember, which we will be doing so from the 80th minute onwards.

It had all been leading up to this! The ‘ghost goal’, the slip in the Moscow rain, ‘that’ refereeing performance against Barcelona. So many times Chelsea looked to have Champions League silverware falling within range and so many times it slipped away.Then in Munich in 2012, in their city, in their stadium, pursuing our trophy and with just under 10 minutes of the 90 to go, the final caught fire!Bayern Munich scored, and it suddenly looked like this one would be added to the many heartaches from before. But this time this Chelsea side, containing so many who had suffered, would not be denied.Drogba heading home, Robben’s penalty saved, the shoot-out that started so badly but turned out just fine in the end. There was so much drama at the close of normal time, through extra time and during the penalties and it will be those special moments we will be re-living on Tuesday night.The video action will be starting at the 80th minute of the game, when the score was still 0-0 and with all the key action about to explode onto the screen.You can join us at that stage of the match at 8pm UK time on Tuesday and as when we celebrated Bolton 2005 last month, you can join in the chat during the game and share your memories and feelings with fellow Chelsea fans, including some celebrities, on Twitter using #CFCWatchParty

When is the game?

The game kicks off at 8pm (UK time) on Tuesday 19th May

How can I watch the game live?

The game can be watched live on this website. It will also be on The 5th Stand app but the website is the place for the full Watch Party experience.

If you choose to watch the live stream on the website, tune in from 8pm here when he action will be starting at the 80th minute of the game, when the score was still 0-0 and with all the key moments about to explode onto the screen.

If you choose to watch the game on The 5th Stand app, you do so via the link below.

How will it work?

Tune in, press play and join in on Twitter if you want by using #CFCWatchParty. Simple as that.No cost, all free, purely for the fun of it.

Who will be watching the game?

Chelsea fans from all over the world will be tuning in to watch those dramatic moments as well as some very special celebrity fans sharing their stories of that day. Hopefully we will hear a few new Chelsea stories and a flavour of what it was like to be a Blue on that day.

The game will also be available on the official app.

Can I watch the game another time?

If you join late, do not worry, you can skip to where we are all watching (check our Twitter feed!) or just start from the start yourself.

We’d love everyone to watch it but we know people are busy and with everyone at home, screens are at a premium, so if you just want to follow on social, we’ll be retweeting player tweets and sharing 'in-game' clips.

When does the build-up start?

Now! Tell your Chelsea mates and get everyone involved. Film yourselves watching and share it with us on Twitter using #ChelseaWatchPartyWe will be posting highlights from that extraordinary campaign to get you in the mood.