Thomas Tuchel watched his team dominate Burnley and unlike in midweek there were goals to accompany the performance, ensuring he was able to celebrate a first victory as Chelsea boss afterwards.

Goals from Cesar Azpilicueta and Marcos Alonso did the damage against an in-form Clarets side, and it was the latter’s inclusion and fabulous finish that was one of the major post-match talking points.

Tuchel also spoke about his early Chelsea selections and Timo Werner’s display, but first he started by looking at the collective effort of his players…

‘It was a very complete performance offensively and defensively,’ he said.

‘We had to be very strong physically against many long balls and the duels in the air. You have to be aware of the second balls that fly behind your back.

‘We did the work together, the three centre-backs and the two sixes were absolutely outstanding. It was always active defending; we never got passive.

‘The two guys on the sides put in a lot of effort to support the three guys up front and not allow Burnley to be too precise. We only conceded one shot which is amazing.

‘At the same time, we never lost patience with the ball. We controlled the game. We created a lot of chances, we played the game high up, we had very good counter-pressing.

‘There were so many good things on the pitch out there and for that I’m very happy we got this well-deserved win.’

Tuchel explained why Alonso started and assessed his display

‘We had a reason. It wasn’t that we were unhappy with Chilly, absolutely not. We opted for a bit more size for defending set-pieces, and I know from the time of Antonio Conte Marcos is used to playing this role. He has good timing for arriving in the box.

‘We are very happy he could score the second goal which finished the game. It’s not easy when you haven’t played for a long time, but he did very well.’

Alonso’s selection was one of four changes Tuchel made from Wednesday

‘If we manage to find a starting XI that can guarantee to win us 20 in a row, we will not change! It’s very unlikely this will happen and we need everybody.

‘I am only some days in and we decided very late for the back three and the two number sixes to stay because of the impact we expected from Burnley.

‘We did some changes offensively just to do them, and to have different players and characteristics on the pitch, and at the same time give everybody the chance to show up in competitions.

‘Right now every player has every right to start for us because I’m very happy with the quality, intensity and devotion in training. It’s super hard selections, or maybe super easy because I give everybody the chance to show up.’

Werner was deployed in an inside-left position and then, after the break, as the central striker

‘He’s totally into it and he gives everything. Every striker in the world is sensitive and nothing helps more than goals.

‘As long as he has the impact and tries everything and works like he worked today we will support him. We missed some chances to use him in counter-attacks. This is his absolute strength with his pure speed.

‘So we have to improve and bring him into situations where he can be decisive for us, and at the same time he was confident to play, but it’s not something you can demand. He has to work hard and maybe he will find an easy goal one metre in front of the line, or maybe somebody shoots at his knee and it’s deflected in, but he will find that extra one per cent.’