Thomas Tuchel admits he barely slept on Wednesday night following our defeat to Real Madrid but believes immediately analysing his Chelsea side’s performances is the best formula for long-term success.

Chelsea slipped to a second successive home defeat for only the second time under the German’s stewardship in midweek, and the boss says he wanted to decipher the match in full before delivering an honest assessment of the game to his players.

‘I watched it when I got home and in the middle of the night. The next morning, I watched it here [at Cobham] and got angry again,’ Tuchel says.

‘I sat there in the middle of the night and the amount of chocolate I needed was immense so that I could go through the match again! It is not nice, and you start writing and you realise you are writing more and more minutes.

‘We have a certain way of explaining things, so you don’t forget it. But at some point you fast forward and you watch it in double speed so that it passes quicker. At some point you have to stop and take a walk through the kitchen and living room and come back and calm down,’ he adds.

‘It is good to watch it back because it makes you process it and then it makes you clearly understand what your message should be.’

Despite having to digest a loss for only the 11th time since he took charge in January last year, Tuchel says the recovery and reaction to our most recent defeat has not been too dissimilar to others.

‘I got to sleep late, but it is not the first bad match that we have analysed. Sometimes it is necessary to dig into that. Otherwise, it would not have been possible to sleep as I was too emotionally involved.

‘It helps most to watch it again even if you don’t like it. You come in, watch it again with your staff and share your thoughts and impressions. We have a meeting and do training and I think this is the best thing to do. In the next afternoon, you try and get the sleep that you missed out on.’