Chelsea’s very varied start to 2022 in terms of competitions played shows little sign of letting up, but we now have a Premier League win against Crystal Palace added to our Club World Cup success.

That is important reckons Thomas Tuchel with our Champions League knockout stage about to begin, and it means he is unconcerned our tie against Lille comes as soon as Tuesday after a tough test at Selhurst Park on Saturday.‘It is good, because with a win you can move on forward, you can think up front and you don’t have to worry too much,’ the boss said as he looked at the week ahead.

‘We come now from a period with a lot of different competitions and it just continues like this, we go straight back to the Champions League and then to the Carabao Cup and FA Cup, so there are another three matches which are not in the Premier League.‘So it is a bit strange and that is what we demand from ourselves and it helps if you have a win like this. It helps with the belief and the atmosphere around the team and we will need a top performance on Tuesday against Lille.’

Speaking to Chelsea TV about that match, Tuchel was asked if expects any injured players to be back available.‘We will push for Azpi [to be back] and we will push for Mason, but Mason will be very early, I don’t think we will make it but we will try and then let’s see.’