Ahead of facing Manchester City, the Chelsea boss considers how important the result could be, and he also assess Thiago Silva’s chances of extending his stay…

Fine details are likely to decide tomorrow’s big match at Stamford Bridge reckons Thomas Tuchel and whichever way the result goes, he insists it will not be a significant blow against a title rival.As would have been expected before the season began, Chelsea and Manchester City are among the earlier pacesetters heading into the sixth round of Premier League matches, and although there is a chance the Blues could end Saturday six points ahead of the reigning domestic champions, Tuchel is not concentrating on what the eventual outcome could be.‘Before we talk about the results, we need to focus on the input and what we need to deliver,’ he said at his pre-match press conference.

‘And then we need to accept that at this kind of level in these kinds of matches, you need the momentum, you need a bit of luck, you need the close decisions on your side - offside or no offside, post and in or post and out - these kinds of things decide it and tomorrow after the game we can judge what kind of result it is, if it's deserved or not, and then we can keep on going.‘Let's be honest, if we win tomorrow we will not be crowned as champions then, and if City wins tomorrow, they will not be the champions and we will not be in depression.‘At this kind of level it's absolutely important that we play with confidence,’ added the boss.

‘It is important that we accept the difficulties, that we play through pain and play through fatigue. Then you need to take advantage if you feel the moment to escape the pressure. If you have in the moment the confidence to find the technical solution, you do it but you need to be very aware of all the solutions because if spaces open against Man City, they open up for only a blink of an eye.‘We don’t need a miracle to compete with them but we need our best performance.’Able to bring his best performance in our most recent Premier League game was Thiago Silva who earned rave reviews for his contribution to the big win at Tottenham. Tuchel discussed the possibility of the defender, who turned 37 on Wednesday, extending his time at Chelsea into a third season.‘It's on him. I cannot answer this question right now but hopefully he can continue to perform at this kind of level. That's all it needs to stay here. It's as easy and as clear as that.‘We want top performances and when you play for Chelsea, you need to deliver, and this is what he's doing.

‘That he is a top professional is a given, because otherwise it would not be possible that he plays on that kind of level for so many years, but the age does not play a role. The only question we need to ask at the end of the season is whether he is still on the level that we need at Chelsea to compete for everything in every competition - yes or no, it's as easy as that.‘And we have time for that. We don't need to answer that question right now, but he's in a good place and we are happy.’