Thomas Tuchel felt his Chelsea side did more than enough to secure the win at home against Manchester United, but says we have to accept that in football you don't always get what you deserve.

It was a frustrating afternoon at Stamford Bridge for Tuchel and his players, as we dominated throughout the first half but couldn't find the opening goal, before conceding from an error against the run of play shortly after the break and having to battle back to secure a 1-1 draw.

However, our head coach wasn't letting the result get him down, as he believes his team would have been worthy winners in the game, but the nature of the sport means frustrating matches like this one are always a possibility, despite our impressive recent form.

'For sure, this match, it’s hard to imagine that you can drop points, because we were the better team and we were the team who set the rhythm and intensity and high ball wins,' said Tuchel after the final whistle. 'We’re disappointed but we have no regrets.

'This can happen in football, we know it. It does not feel good when it happens, but it’s like this. I told the team I am happy with their performance and the way we played. I’m happy with the way we play and I’m happy with the courage that we show and the intensity and the will and the intensity. It’s a hungry team and a team that plays with a lot of effort and this is what I like, because it’s exciting to coach and also exciting to watch.

'When you play a game like against Juventus, if you maybe don’t score the first goal from a set-piece or if Thiago doesn’t save the Morata chance on the line, it’s always possible you play the exact same game and you play a draw. This can happen. We don’t want it to happen and we try hard to get the reward for performances like this, but I’m absolutely happy with what the players put in.

'We created chances, we created deliveries, we had a huge amount of shots. Can we take them better? Yes. We had so many high ball recoveries, can we maybe create a bit more chances and superiority out of them? Yes, maybe. But we put in an effort and I think the spectators feel that so the energy is right, the quality is right, the result is the result. It is today not in our favour. It should be, but we have to accept it.'

Tuchel felt sympathy for Jorginho after a rare mistake allowed United to go ahead, but was delighted with the bravery he showed in equalising from the penalty spot...

'It’s very unusual, a mistake like this and to concede a goal like this for us in general, and especially with Jorgi. I think he misjudged the situation and he was heavily disturbed from the lights so he did not see the ball in the end.

'But it takes a lot of courage and personality to not be affected during the match, to have the courage to take the penalty for the equaliser in a crucial moment. I’m very happy that he did it.'

He also provided an update on the fitness of our strikers following injury, after Timo Werner returned to the starting line-up and Romelu Lukaku came off the bench...

'I think that we still see that Timo hasn’t played for a long time. So can we expect that he is on his absolute peak? No, we cannot. So it’s always a bit of what can we expect in this moment.

'He looked very sharp in training, scored many goals in the last two training sessions. That’s why I went with my gut and put him on the pitch and hoped that he could maybe hurt the two central defenders.

'It was a decision for Timo because he looked really sharp and had the goal against Juventus so we thought maybe he could be decisive or the big threat in the middle. It wasn’t easy for him today and you could see that he clearly lacks some games and from here we go.

'If Romelu's fully fit he’s a starter for us but he’s not in the moment. It was more than I actually wanted to use him but the game was so close to the opponent’s goal that we thought he could help with this, pushing, maybe one last touch. We were lacking a bit of a threat in the middle of the goal.'