Thomas Tuchel has explained what his players need to do to build on a promising start by turning the draw with Wolverhampton Wanderers into three points against Burnley.

Our head coach took charge of his first Chelsea match on Wednesday when we drew 0-0 with Wolves and, after the final whistle, described that game as a good ‘starting point’ for his team.

Having had time to reflect on that draw, he has now outlined the next steps he wants to see from his players when we host Burnley at Stamford Bridge today, to start building on that solid base and pick up his first victory as Blues head coach.

However, he is well aware it won’t be an easy task against what is likely to be another stubborn opponent happy to defend deep at the Bridge, and feels it is our responsibility to find a way to break them down.

‘You can play the game however you want and it is every manager’s and every club's choice to adapt to a certain style and to impose a certain style,’ he explained. ‘We have to find solutions, it's as easy as that.

‘We came very close against Wolves. We have to improve in the last 20 metres and position-wise and timing-wise, with runs, with dribbling and in taking maybe even more risks in certain zones and speeding up the game when we already have the advantage. This is the challenge, so we're in the middle of it.

‘I will not lose any minutes in worrying about the style of the opponent. It was also our fault that Wolves played so deep because we played high up the pitch with a lot of possession. So it is also action and reaction and our quality pushed Wolves very deep in the in the game and it was very hard to find a solution.

‘It's my job to adapt to this and we expect Burnley to be a very solid squad, a very structured 4-4-2 normally, a very defensive and disciplined block, and this is fair enough. This is how they play, this is how they play in the first division and this is how they get their results. It’s on us and it’s a big challenge again.’

He also confirmed that he is well aware of the high expectations that come with managing at a club like Chelsea, but says that open ambition suits him perfectly.

‘This club is about trophies and this club is about competing in the two most difficult competitions that you compete in for trophies, that is the Premier League and the Champions League. But if I play with Dortmund, if I play with PSG, if I play with Chelsea, in the Champions League, I don't play to reach the quarter-final. I play a quarter-final to reach the semi-final and I play a semi-final to reach the final. And when I'm in the final I play to win.

‘We can just admit it, at this kind of level nobody steps into any competition to come second. This is easier for me, to talk about it and to set the things clear, than to talk around it and not be sure what everybody expects of you.’