Thomas Tuchel insisted the half-time message at Turf Moor was to maintain calm and build confidence as we followed a deadlocked first half with four second-half goals to secure victory away at Burnley.

The Blues had 10 shots on target in the second period compared to just one before the break, illustrating how we stepped it up after the interval and scored through Reece James, Kai Havertz and Christian Pulisic.

As well as making a tactical tweak in midfield, the German revealed what was said in the away dressing room to instigate such a change in fortunes.

‘It was very calm,’ he said during his post-match press conference at Turf Moor. ‘We just reminded everybody what we wanted to do, where the spaces were and where we want to find the acceleration. Where we needed to step up was clearly up front. We needed to ask more questions and make life more difficult for the back four.

‘The goal opened the game for us and gave us a lot of belief and confidence. Our attacks were then more fluid and we were absolutely more decisive.

‘On the one hand, it was difficult because the pitch was so dry. We had a lot of ball possession but it was difficult to accelerate the game. The ball was somehow always stuck between our legs and once you pass it, it’s already one second too late and the spaces are already closed.

‘We had a bit of a switch in tactics to give Kante more space and to have two strikers on the pitch. The team did very well, we kept on believing and had a fantastic second half and a brilliant result.’

Tuchel also stated how pleased he was with the team’s character amid plenty of distractions this past week…

‘When you arrive at Turf Moor, you know what’s waiting – physicality, direct play, headers, fighting for second balls, crosses, set-pieces. We stepped up and it shows for me a lot of character which is why I’m very proud.

‘It shows the guys have what it takes to play for Chelsea and it shows we have the environment to focus on football.’

After James’s goal and assist, the boss reflected on how happy he is to have the defender back…

‘We missed him for such a long time that you get used to it. It was nine weeks and in this time we had something like 25 matches so we were constantly trying to find solutions and we did it as a team.

‘We managed to win games and even titles in this period but once he’s back and plays three times, today the first time from the beginning you see what you missed. It’s such huge quality and very impressive how decisive he is in training and now even in the games.

‘These positions are very important when you play with this structure and it’s the same on the left side so it puts things into perspective when you see what we missed and I’m very happy that he came back like this.’

Finally, Tuchel revealed how impressed he continues to be with Thiago Silva following another clean sheet…

‘He's so professional. The dressing rooms are not so big here, which is not a problem, but when you’re in there so close with the team you can see his focus and how professional he prepares for every game. That’s why he can perform like this.

‘In a match where you have so many long balls and so many second balls, and where you rely so heavily on the quality of your first touch if you win a duel in the air, it makes a huge difference and that’s what he does.

‘It’s very impressive but I can tell you he works very hard and on top of it he’s a fantastic person and a big character in the dressing room.’