Chelsea were defeated on penalties in the Carabao Cup final against Liverpool, but Thomas Tuchel was proud of the performance his side put in and felt we can consider ourselves a little unlucky not to have lifted the trophy at the end of the game.

In an even and entertaining cup final at Wembley, we were denied several times by Liverpool goalkeeper Coaimhin Kelleher, as well as having three goals ruled out for offside, with the VAR decision not to allow Romelu Lukaku's strike particularly controversial.

The match eventually went all the way to penalties, with the first 10 players on each side all hiting the net, before substitute goalkeeper Kepa Arrizabalaga became the unlucky first person to miss in sudden death.

However, Tuchel believes his team can hold their heads high after their performance in a final which could have gone a different way on a different day.

'We have to accept the quality of the opponent and this is maybe the most dangerous attacking side at the moment in Europe, and full of individual quality and playing such a high rhythm,' explained Tuchel. 'So defending like this and playing like this on this level made me very proud today. I saw a brilliant match of football over 120 minutes, we played a huge part in it.

'I have a feeling that we created a bit more but maybe that’s also subjective. This game could easily have gone either way. You need a bit of luck, you need a bit of momentum to win it. If you look at the line for the goal disallowed by Romelu, it’s a bit of a weird line, where it’s drawn and then to make the decision that this is offside, but that’s it.

'We cannot have any regrets, I am very proud of the performance of the team, there were a lot of good things. I told the guys we should not lose sleep over this. It was an entertaining match of football full of intensity and I’m very happy to have the chance to be part of this. It was excellent.'

Tuchel also insists Kepa doesn't deserve any blame after coming off the bench for the shoot-out and seeing his missed penalty decided the destination of the trophy, with our head coach shouldering the responsibility himself...

'It is bad for him, of course, but there is no blame. We took the decision, like we did last time in a penalty shoot-out, because Kepa is training with the players on a daily basis. They know how good he is, he simply has more time on the training ground to do these things than Edou who plays a lot more.

'So everybody knows how good he is, how difficult it is to shoot against him so that played a huge part in how well we shot today. Unfortunately he could not make a save, the penalties were brilliantly taken and it was a bit harsh on him today that he was the one to miss the one and only penalty, but there is no blame.

'I only take the decisions when I want to take them. I cannot rejudge me decisions when I know what is the outcome. We don’t know what would have happened if we had left Edou on the pitch. This is how it is, so no blame on him.

'Of course blame on me, I am the guy who makes the decisions. Sometimes it works out and sometimes it does not work out, but this is life as a football coach. Sometimes you bring on a player and he scores, sometimes you bring on a player and he makes a decisive mistake. This is what happens so no regrets and if someone has to take the blame it absolutely falls on me and I take the responsibility of course.'