Thomas Tuchel does not believe Chelsea needs big alterations to the football structure when potential new owners arrive, but insists he remains open to the idea of change, as there is always room for improvement.

Our head coach was responding to suggestions he might meet the various parties bidding to become the club’s new owners, and questions around what he might ask them and advice he would offer to those who could be in charge of the Blues in the future.

While he is clear that he is happy with the structure in place at Chelsea currently, he believes it is not his place to get involved during the bidding process, preferring to wait until things are resolved and more certain before speaking to any new owners about the plans they may have moving forward.

‘This club is close to perfect, at least for me,’ said Tuchel. ‘I don’t know exactly now what I would present. I would speak from my heart and speak from my experience and speak openly and honestly.

‘Maybe it will be not so much different from what you hear from me now because I am actually very happy and very impressed with the level of support and of organisation and the mentality here in the club, and in the club I mean here at Cobham, of course, because this is where we are on a daily basis.

‘So I’m not sure if they need to hear this from me and if they will talk to me. I’m not even sure if I’m so keen to be a huge part in this process. Once the decision is made maybe we will know their ideas and then try to adjust and get known to each other but it’s not the time I think.

‘I think right now it’s not my role to step up and convince anybody and have preferences. Simply I’m not here for this and I’m happy that I’m not involved in this. If my opinion is needed, it is needed when we adjust our expectations and when the decision is made and then we get known to the new owners and get an idea how the new structure is, and if there is a new structure.’

However, although the German is very happy with the way things are at Chelsea right now and how he has been working since arriving at Stamford Bridge in January last year, he is adamant he and everyone else involved need to remain open to the prospect of change.

‘We should be open for whatever comes because change is not always a negative. So it’s our responsibility then to turn it around, to do even better. We can always improve.

‘Me, myself, I am a bit sad that it cannot continue like it existed because it was very strong and a very good fit for me personally. I felt very good in this kind of structure so this will change and then we will see.

‘We need to ask the new owners, we need to ask the new people in charge, what they think should change, how it changes and we need to adapt. This is what we will do.’

Tuchel also assured supporters that the continuing uncertainty around the club’s future will not affect his work, as he remains relaxed and focused on the job at hand by concentrating solely on things which are within his control.

‘I am calm about it, because I cannot change it,’ he explained. ‘Some things in life, if you cannot change it, just let it go and do the things you can influence and do them in the best way, and this is what we do at the moment.

‘I try to be calm and I am in general not the person to worry too much, and especially not to worry too much about things I have zero influence on.’