Thomas Tuchel does not believe Cesar Azpilicueta is affected by discussions off the pitch regarding his Chelsea future and thinks he has dealt with the outside noise ‘very professionally’.

The Chelsea legend is out of contract in the summer as he approaches 10 years at the club, and Tuchel has admitted it is ‘not ideal’ that there is still yet to be a resolution over his future.

‘Well the future of the players I like to be resolved normally immediately or not even in discussion, in the ideal world,’ Tuchel said in his pre-match press conference.

‘We do not live in the ideal world, though, so I think the contract situation with Azpi is pretty clear. It is not the biggest pressure on this subject but as you know, we have some other players also with contractual situations that are not fully solved.

‘This is not ideal. This is also nobody’s particular fault,’ Tuchel said. ‘This can happen sometimes in the moment we deal with it, and Azpi deals with it very professionally and I do not have the feeling that it affects any of his performances.

‘We are on it behind closed doors. This is where it needs to be dealt with.’

Tuchel also updated on what the future holds for Conor Gallagher, amid his fine form for today’s opponents Crystal Palace.

‘It’s always a step, it’s another environment and it just proves that every player needs individual solutions,’ Tuchel said on whether Gallagher could make the step-up to the Chelsea side next season. ‘We wanted to have him here, like I have said many times.

‘In pre-season I saw that he could have the chance to have an impact in our squad because he did a fantastic pre-season.

‘He is a fantastic guy and cares so much about Chelsea because he is from the Academy. It is very nice to have him around and he was impressive in pre-season, but an opportunity came, and they offered him a role which he took obviously.’

Tuchel believes Gallagher is at the right club to continue his development, but reminded people there is still a long way to go in the season.

‘Now you see what it does to play as if they are needed, and they are an important role and then he took the opportunity with quality and energy, and he has taken several steps in his development which is quite impressive and we’re happy that he is our player and we are happy that it is like this,’ the Bavarian said.

‘Would it be the same if he would have stayed? Nobody knows. It was a good decision because he has clearly developed. We will take this decision late because there is no need to take it today.

'The season is by far not over and he needs to finish his season with Crystal Palace in the best possible way,’ Tuchel added.

‘Then we will see what we want, what he wants and then we will have a talk and we will decide. I am happy he is our player.’