Are you in need of a Chelsea football fix during this unprecedented pause in the season? Then we’ve got the perfect antidote for you over on The 5th Stand!

Over recent weeks, we have been showing some of the best moments in Chelsea’s recent history in full on our mobile app for you to enjoy.

That’s right, you can watch a whole Chelsea match back in full every Wednesday and Saturday from 3pm. Later today, we will be showing our 2015 League Cup final win over Spurs, and who wouldn’t enjoy watching that again!

Watch the full game on the app from 3pm today and stay tuned to find out what full game is being shown each Wednesday at the same time, plus there will also be further fixtures to watch each weekend at 3pm.

We will be showing more full game re-runs of classic matches when there would otherwise have been a fixture and you will also have the chance to vote for which games you want to watch.

Tune in to The 5th Stand from 3pm UK time later this afternoon as we bring that memorable Wembley final in full direct to your mobile or tablet device!