Blues winger Johanna Rytting Kaneryd is the latest guest star of our 'We Are Chelsea' podcast - where she talks through her upbringing in Sweden and how she has battled back from major injuries...

Rytting Kaneryd was the latest Chelsea star to sit down with regular host Caz De Moraes, also sharing stories on her journey into the professional game and some of her favourite memories at the club since joining two years ago.

Since her arrival, the Swede has become a key cog in the Blues machine - winning the Double in her maiden season.

But Rytting Kaneryd has also had to deal with major setbacks during her career, having torn her ACL twice - a fate similarly suffered this year by team-mates Sam Kerr and Mia Fishel. During the episode she opened up on how she bounced back from injury heartache, offering an insight into her mental resilience.

'I’ve had two ACLS and two meniscus as well,' she explains on the episode. 'So three years of my career I have missed so far. Of course it is not easy, but it’s a part of football.

'I did my first [ACL] when I was 16. When you have something like that happen when you’re so young, you need people around you, luckily I had that. Family and friends who supported me, people who you trust.

'That was my biggest setback. But what I need was people who I really trust. One physio I have with me in the national team has since helped me during my whole career, and perhaps is the most important person in my life.

'It is about patience. When you can’t be out on the pitch with your team-mates, I still set up some goals. Like ‘can you do three pull-ups, next time I’m going to do four.’ Stuff like that works for me at least.'

Growing up Rytting Kaneryd always had a ready-made opponent to practice football with, in twin brother Marcus. When asked if the two were competitive during those years, the Swedish international doesn't need a second to deliberate.

'Oh yeah!' Johanna states with a big smile. 'It was not easy, he was my best friend, but on the pitch we’d have our fights of course.

'I was always quicker and faster than him. But then when we came up to a certain age he became quicker and stronger… I hated that.'

But that competitive edge Rytting Kaneryd had as a junior helped form the player she would later become, first in Sweden and then in west London.

‘I have always loved to run with the ball,' she added. 'I was always pretty fast, so that is all I was doing back then, running with the ball, dribbling.

'I would also be working a lot on my touches a lot with my Dad. I always remember he had the ball, would kick it as high as he could and I was supposed to take it down with one touch.

'The biggest strength I have now is my speed and my one-v-one play, so how I trained as a kid was important. I didn’t really know when I could make it actually. I think I always loved football and wanted to become the best. I was really competitive.

'Compared to the other kids in class for example, I was the stubborn one that always wanted to win - no matter what we did. I think I always knew I had it in me.'

The full episode is available now (above). We've already had guests including Millie Bright, Guro Reiten and Erin Cuthbert on the podcast, if you have missed any episodes they are all available to go back and listen to on demand.

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