Fresh after announcing her contract extension with Chelsea, striker Sam Kerr spoke exclusively on the latest episode of the We Are Chelsea podcast.

The 30-year-old has penned a new two-year deal which will keep her at the Blues until 2026. It extends what has been a successful spell at the club so far, with the striker having won 11 domestic trophies since joining back in 2019.

In the episode, Kerr sits down to chat with host Caz De Moraes about the cheeky announcement video, her impending return to action after injury and why she wanted to remain at the club she loves.

The Australian’s contract extension was announced on Thursday morning with a video which teased an exit interview, before a follow-up video 20 minutes later which saw Kerr on the pitch at Stamford Bridge confirming she was going nowhere.

‘The people who knew me thought I was terrible [at acting during the video] but the average person fell for it,’ Kerr said about the fake leaving video. ‘I had a bit of a say in it and with everyone expecting me to leave, it had to be done really.

‘We did it line by line because every time I said something I started laughing after. I don't know if you can tell in the video, but we got eyedrops out and they really hurt my eyes, so it looked like I was crying a little bit.

'Zecira Musovic text me and said "how much did you laugh filming this?" and I told her I couldn't stop laughing.

‘This morning I was at training when it came out and it was too awkward watching it and I couldn’t read the comments because I felt so bad. I know how it feels as young fan when my favourite player would leave or retire, I’d nearly be in tears.

'It was awkward for me I guess for those 20 minutes [until the confirmation video came out] because I hate lying to the fans like that.’

Later on in the episode, after discussions about her recovery, Sonia Bompastor’s arrival and this summer’s US Tour, Kerr summed up her time at the club so far ahead of the next chapter in her Blues career.

‘It has been unbelievable,’ added the forward. ‘When I came to Chelsea, I joined to win trophies and we’ve definitely done that. These last four years, I’ve made memories and done so many things that I never thought were possible.

‘My signing day we spoke about the FA Cup and I used to watch that at home and think how amazing it was. The fact we won three back-to-back FA Cups was incredible to me. It’s completely smashed my expectations of what Chelsea would be. Hence why I’ve stayed so long!

‘Once you get the taste of this club and the community that Chelsea creates, it’s unbelievable and Chelsea will always be a part of my life now, whether I play here or not. I will always be a massive Chelsea fan because of the opportunities the club has given me.’

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