When Timo Werner’s sharpness won a penalty early in last night’s game against Rennes, there were two likely options for the taking of it.

Either the kick reverted back to our regular penalty man in recent times, Jorginho, who missed his most recent attempt and one earlier in the season against Liverpool but otherwise has an excellent record, or it stayed with Timo Werner who had scored the previous penalty after Jorginho had missed his.

In the end it was the German who converted to put his side 1-0 up in the Champions League group game, and then naturally took another penalty when it came along later in the first half.Speaking after the 3-0 win, Frank Lampard said the move away from the regular taker had not been an easy decision but that Jorginho had reacted very professionally, and that was repeated when the player spoke about it himself.‘He [Werner] took the penalties and he scored and all of us are happy,’ said Jorginho, who was the one change to the starting line-up for the game, replacing Kai Havertz who is self-isolating.‘It doesn’t matter who scores. He was wanting to take these penalties and I have no problem with that. The most important is that we score, it doesn’t matter who.

‘That was decided before the match, and he scored, that was the most important thing so we are all happy.’Werner confirmed the penalty-taking duty was sorted close to the game.‘It was not a theme this week,’ he said. ‘Before the game the manager told me when there is a penalty I should take the penalty in this game. It was two so it was a little bit crazy but I took them and it is good goals for a striker. I hope I can go on like this, the scoring and also the penalty taking.’

Those two take Werner onto five goals in this early part of his Chelsea career.‘I think when you want to score at the end [of the season] 20 or more goals, you have to take a few penalties in the season, that is the thing that gives the strikers the goals to get to the high level,’ he said, before praising Jorginho’s attitude.‘It is another point that speaks for our team, that we are not selfish, we are already pulling together and wanting to go in one direction and it is very good.’