Out of the ordinary? That’s what Arsenal’s games at Chelsea can conjure up reckons Giles Smith

Our regular columnist from the stands at Stamford Bridge, Giles Smith, picks through the events and the leads lost on Tuesday night and notes a resemblance with some past encounters with the Gunners…

23 Jan 2020, 04:30 AM

Pat Nevin predicts what Frank Lampard will be working on and what type of game it will be against Arsenal

Following the weekend set back in the North-East and ahead of the chance to quickly make amends at Stamford Bridge tonight, Chelsea legend Pat Nevin looks at the creative arts and a new live video show available to Blues fans tonight…

21 Jan 2020

How high can Reece James reach? Pat Nevin predicts future for young full-back with video analysis

Former Blue Pat Nevin knew a thing or two about crossing a ball back in his day, and in his latest column he looks closely at the newest supply line in a Chelsea shirt…

14 Jan 2020

Pat Nevin reveals what he was hoping to see most from Callum Hudson-Odoi and says sorry to the Chelsea owner!

Chelsea legend Pat Nevin was feeling nostalgic when watching our win against Forest but he was also looking to the future as he got into the mindset of a young player on the way back from injury…

07 Jan 2020

And so that was Christmas - a good one for Chelsea decides Giles Smith

As the tinsel begins to be put away and many people return to work after the festivities, it is time to take stock of what has been anything but a holiday period for the Chelsea team. Columnist Giles Smith gives his fan’s view in his latest article…

02 Jan 2020

Was it the greatest Chelsea decade? Pat Nevin gives his verdict and predicts how the next will be known…

In his Hogmanay column, former Blue Pat Nevin does not neglect discussing the manner in which Chelsea vanquished Arsenal but he widens the view considerably as he looks forward and back…

31 Dec 2019

Which type of Champions League draw do you prefer asks Giles Smith

In his weekly Chelsea fan-view column, Giles Smith reacts to the European challenge handed out this week and looks ahead to Tottenham with cushions coming to mind…

19 Dec 2019

Pat Nevin reports mood around him in the stands and turns attention to Tottenham

Unusually it is more of a fan’s view from former Blue Pat Nevin in his column this week, at least it is of the most recent game. He explains below…

17 Dec 2019

There are choices for Lampard after Rudiger’s return: Pat Nevin discusses

Former Blue Pat Nevin has been watching plenty of Champions League football this week and in his weekly column he writes about the way Frank Lampard approached the win against Lille and the player count from this point on…

12 Dec 2019


In his regular, Chelsea-fan opinion-piece, Giles Smith has a word on the Goodison goals, appropriate celebrations, and what makes the best goal-of-the-season candidates…

10 Dec 2019

Why Giles Smith knew it would not be silent night at Stamford Bridge

Our regular fan’s-view column from season ticket holder Giles Smith not only concerns the future being seen, it also notices some past football traditions returning…

05 Dec 2019

Pat Nevin pinpoints where Chelsea look different from other sides

It has been a while since Chelsea legend Pat Nevin wrote his column after a Blues defeat and here he puts the Hammers setback into context and rates the possibility of the start of another winning run against Aston Villa…

03 Dec 2019

Undroppable and extraordinary – Pat Nevin picks out two players from Valencia away day

Still catching his breath from watching all the non-stop incident in Spain last night, Chelsea legend and columnist Pat Nevin looks at the game which left the Blues well-placed in our Champions League campaign…

28 Nov 2019

Mulling Man City game, Giles Smith counts consolations

Our last word on the Man City game is a supporter’s one, with season ticket holder Giles Smith writing his regular column from a fan’s perspective and pinpointing more than one of the decision-making processes in the modern Premier League game…

26 Nov 2019


In his weekly column written from a fan’s point of view, Giles Smith has caught wind of some news and digests it here, asking whether it was the length of the bar that swung it…

21 Nov 2019

Pat Nevin: Steep learning curve for young Blues – but why worry?

As the international break draws to a close, there is plenty Chelsea legend Pat Nevin has seen from our players away with England to reinforce his view that the future for the Blues is very bright indeed, optimism he takes into this weekend’s visit to Manchester City, as he explains in this week’s column…

19 Nov 2019

Pat Nevin reveals what is different about Chelsea players and fans at the moment and why he knows how Gary Cahill felt

Former Blue Pat Nevin was at the Bridge for our latest Premier League win and enjoyed seeing our back-line excel, one of their predecessors receive stirring appreciation, and a special bond strengthen even more…

12 Nov 2019

Pat Nevin chooses his player of the Ajax tie and recalls former 4-4s

Our regular columnist and former Blue Pat Nevin writes about the free-scoring football currently entertaining everyone and highlights spot-kick style that is a joy to behold…

07 Nov 2019

GILES SMITH nominates Chelsea moment as museum piece and welcomes Ajax, in part

Chelsea fan Giles Smith has thawed out sufficiently from an instance of frozen horror during the game at Watford to write this week’s column, and he asks a Kepa question…

05 Nov 2019

Giles Smith reveals bad omen before Man United game and pays tribute to writer of song forever played

In his weekly summing-up from the point of view of a Chelsea fan, columnist Giles Smith selects the best goal from last night’s defeat and has good reason to dig into his record collection for a copy of Blue is the Colour…

31 Oct 2019