About The Artist

Solomon Souza grew up in London and immigrated to Israel in his late teens. He has become known for his art around the Yehuda Market in Jerusalem, where he has created over 250 murals, predominantly featuring famous Israeli and Arab personalities.

Solomon is the grandson of artist FN Souza, whose works are featured in many prominent museums and galleries in London, including the V&A, British Museum and Tate Modern.

Solomon Souza said: ‘I am delighted to be invited to Chelsea and commissioned by Mr. Abramovich to create this project. My grandmother, Liselotte Souza, escaped the Nazis in 1939 and came to the UK, so this piece means a lot to me and my family.

‘Art can be an extremely powerful tool to tell important stories. I hope that my installation at Stamford Bridge will inspire everyone that sees it to challenge and oppose prejudice and hatred in society, at a time when it feels like it’s getting worse.’