Start your own club

Starting your own Official Supporters Club is now easier than ever!

With all of the exciting new digital developments on our website and The 5th Stand app, we have made it easier than ever for you to start your own club, and lead the Blues from your home town.

Official Supporters Clubs are expected to meet regularly (at least four times a season; either virtually or in-person). We strongly encourage you to send photos/videos of your event to us afterwards, for your chance to feature on the Supporters Club's section of the website and app!

To start your club, all you need to do is read the Terms and Conditions, and then complete the application form below with information about your proposed new club. You will then receive an e-mail from our Official Supporters Club inbox with a link to your new page as soon as it is ready. Next, you will need to share this with your friends so that they can join your club. Once you have at least 20 people registered to have joined your club, you will be recognised as an Official Supporters Club so make sure you share the link to your new page with others so that they can join.

Your role as a Secretary, and your membership of your Official Supporters Club, is subject to the OSC Terms and Conditions and the Club Secretary Confirmation Statement. Please read both of these carefully. By completing the form below, you confirm that you have read the OSC Terms and Conditions and the Club Secretary Confirmation and that you understand they will apply to you.