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Key Benefits

Key benefits for members and secretaries

As part of the exciting new scheme, there are now more benefits than ever on offer to members of Official Supporters Clubs. As your Official Supporters Club grows, you will receive rewards based on how many total members your club has. This will also determine the rewards status that your club has. 

The tiers within the rewards status are as follows: 

20 to 99 members: Official Supporters Club

100 to 499 members: Official 100 Supporters Club

500 to 999 members: Official 500 Supporters Club

1000+ members: Official 1000 Supporters Club

As your club climbs up the tiers, more rewards will be on offer. For Official Supporters Clubs, you unlock benefits such as a new logo being created and sent out to you, an official page dedicated to your club on Chelsea's official website, the chance to enter Official Supporters Club competitions and the opportunity to interact with our new digital pages and forums. 

Once your club hits 100 members, your club secretary will receive a welcome pack with various special items from Chelsea including signed merchandise and an Official Supporters Club plaque, personalised for your branch.

Over 500 members and your club will start to unlock discount codes from Chelsea and their club partners, with the top tier having the chance to submit requests for legends events, trophy tours and pitch presentations.