Heroes: Your Nominated Fans

We asked our Official Supporters Club members to nominate others in their club for the positive work they are doing in their communities.

As part of the celebrations for reaching 500 Official Supporters Clubs worldwide, we wanted to discover some more about the people behind our global fanbase and the stories within it. Official Supporters Club members nominated their fascinating and deserving peers and the winners each received a personalised video message from a Chelsea player.

From hundreds of nominations received, we will now share the stories of the seven winners across six different categories...

Vivek - Valsad Blues

Vivek has been a long-time Chelsea fan and was nominated for helping his community. Recently he has been involved in plenty of charitable initiatives in Valsad, India.

During the pandemic he has provided 100+ food packets and essential items to labourers and poor people; started a service for senior citizens to deliver their essentials at their home; provided masks, gloves and snacks to policemen and policewomen who were on duty across the city and finally he has been volunteering in a local quarantine centre.

Outside of this, Vivek regularly donates blood to the hospital and actively encourages and recruits new blood donors - many of them from Valsad Blues - to motivate them to do so. Finally, Vivek has raised awareness for plastic pollution and started a beach-cleaning initiative in Valsad.

Vivek (along with the help from Valsad Blues) is a hugely impactful agent for social change in his community.

Natasha - Vancouver Official Supporters Club

Natasha has pulled the Vancouver Official Supporters Club together during the pandemic and gone above and beyond to support everyone. 

She was nominated after being instrumental in ensuring Vancouver Supporters Club members were able to safely regroup and watch the matches together at their local bar. She made sure all local and federal COVID requirements were met. Natasha also went out of her way to help the venue with checking everyone in, gathering contact details and making a seating layout for every game. Her actions allowed football fans to enjoy all of the important social benefits of being together again, with social distancing in place.

Natasha, born in Vancouver, is a lifelong Chelsea fan, due to her father being from London. They never miss a game at the pub and often make trips back to Stamford Bridge.

Thank you for your work Natasha - your work has made the matchday experience safe and fun for your fellow Blues.

Des - Northampton Official Supporters Club

Despite not being a runner, Des decided to take on the challenge of the London Winter Run 10k. He managed to convince another couple of people from his Official Supporters Club to take part too.

In the face of the event being cancelled in London because of severely stormy weather, Des decided that he couldn't let his sponsors down and so he rallied his friends and they completed the run around the streets and parks of Northampton. Between the group, their efforts raised over £1,000 for Chelsea Foundation and Cancer Research UK. Des said it was tough but well worth it!

Thank you to Des and the Northampton Official Supporters Club members. Your fundraising efforts will have a huge impact on your chosen charities. 

Fritz - Atlanta Blues

Fritz was nominated by Atlanta Blues because he is always there to volunteer his time to help people.

He is always going above and beyond to support the charity events that Atlanta Blues have held, such as cooking for the homeless and donating food for the Atlanta Food Bank.

Fritz has travelled to Stamford Bridge and always watches each of Chelsea's matches with the Atlanta Blues. He has proven himself highly reliable and very altruistic. 

Mohamed - Libya Official Supporters Club

Mohamed was nominated for courageously attempting to save someone from drowning. During the incident, Mohamed himself was left requiring hospital treatment. Many members from the Libya Official Supporters Club nominated Mohamed to recognise this bravery.

Mohamed is one of the most active members in Libya Official Supporters Club, having been a Chelsea fan for more than 17 years. Everyone in the group thinks very fondly of him and he regularly gets involved in all of the Official Supporters Club activities, including coaching the Libya Official Supporters Club football team when they play matches.  

Mohamed has proven himself as a solid and reliable person within his Supporters Club community and is very respected by all of his peers. 

Reed - Atlanta Blues

Reed Davis was nominated as a heroic fan for his dedication to his family. Reed has been one of Chelsea’s biggest fans for the past 13 years and is a proud member of Atlanta Blues. 

In his nomination from Atlanta Blues, we are told that Reed is very family-oriented. Reed's father, who was his best friend and hero, recently passed away however Reed has been the rock for his family even more so than usual in this hard time. Reed loves spending time with his family and especially loved doing everything with his father. 

Reed has plenty of funny stories and jokes to tell. He’s silly, fun and the life and soul of any room, which is why he is definitely deserving of recognition. Thank you for promoting our community values, Reed!

Asmita - Nepal Official Supporters Club

Asmita, from Nepal, was nominated as a creative Chelsea fan for her fantastic mandalas. 

After Nepal went into lockdown, Asmita began making Chelsea FC mandalas to pass the free time. She's been posting the highly intricate artwork on social media, to much support from Chelsea fans around the world! The outpouring of support has motivated her to make more and more. You can see a timelapse video of this on Nepal Official Supporters Club's Facebook page, linked here.

Asmita has been following Chelsea since 2011, witnessing some great moments as a fan such as the Champions League victory in 2012, as well as two Premier Leagues. After joining Chelsea Nepal in 2013, Asmita says that Chelsea became an integral part of her daily life and she hopes to visit Stamford Bridge and see Chelsea FC play one day. 

Asmita's artwork is brilliant and it's great to see such creative fan art from the Official Supporters Club members. 

Closing note

Thanks to all of our Official Supporters Club members who nominated people in their club. We received hundreds of responses and were blown away by stories of people's generosity, kindness and passionate support. We are lucky to be able to call you our fans.

If you'd like to start or join an Official Supporters Club, then please click here.  

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