Paco Biosca

Medical director

Doctor Paco Biosca joined Chelsea as medical director in July 2011 having worked in a similar position at Shakhtar Donetsk for the previous six years.

A Spaniard, he worked for 25 years as head of medical services in his homeland at Lleida, a Catalan club, and is a former president of the European Federation of Orthopedics and Sports Trauma and a former president of the Spanish Society of Football Team Doctors.
He is also president of the Iberia Biomechanical Society, founder and subsequent president of the Spanish Society for Sports Trauma and currently a member of the society's senate.
Academically he is a graduate of medicine and surgery from the University of Barcelona and has a specialist medical degree in Orthopaedics. He was Professor of Anatomy at the University of Lleida for 12 years from 1994 and was co-director for the Masters in Sports Medicine, Faculty of Medicine, INEF, for eight years.
In his professional life, prior to taking up his appointments in football at Lleida and Shakhtar, he was a specialist doctor in orthopaedic surgery at Arnau Vilanova Hospital in Lleida, head of orthopaedic surgery service at Monserrat Hospital, and medical director for competition tennis at the Barcelona Olympics in 1992.
Dr Biosca has received a gold medal from the Assurance Society of Spain for Sports Injuries and the Civil Order of Merit, Ukraine.