The Boys Next Door: Willy Caballero

In our feature asking the players for an insight into the team-mates who sit next to them in the changing room at the training ground at Cobham, there is a difference this time.

Willy Caballero is at the end of a row, so he speaks about the colleagues next to him, fellow goalkeeper Eduardo and the person two along, defender Andreas Christensen…


Who is normally first in at Cobham in the mornings?

For sure the first one is Eduardo. I have the privilege to use the seat next to him in the corner and of course I train with him every single day, but he is always the first one to arrive at the training ground. One of us arrives earlier or one leaves later because we love to train in the gym. I prefer to arrive after dropping off my daughters at the school. I arrive here at the training ground and after training, I like to do some gym so I prefer to leave a bit later.


Are they tidy or messy neighbours?

They are both tidy. I think we have a good locker room space. There are one or two who are a little bit messy but it is a good changing room, really tidy.


Tells us something we may not know about each of them…

Andreas is a little bit quiet but we are having a lot of conversations in the last few weeks. With Edo [Eduardo] I spend a lot of hours here and I am glad to train with him because he is a really good person and a good trainer and he helps me, along with Thibaut, so what can I say?. There is nothing wrong, it is really funny to be with Edo in the corner because both of us we start and finish the day with fun but during the training, we do a lot of drills and a lot of exercises. We spend a lot of time together. 


For sure it is not me, because I don’t need to prepare my hair. Eduardo or Andreas don’t spend long, the longest just is probably Michy Batshuayi.


Best thing about each of them as a neighbour?

For me to have another goalkeeper is always good, always important, because we talk a lot about training and games and everything, and also in this case to learn another language, to hear Portuguese and also with Andreas when I speak with him, for me it is really important. I talk a lot with Eduardo, not so much with Andreas but I am knowing him a little bit more and for sure it is always important to know a little bit more every week. I try to help him because it is the best for the team.

And one thing you would change?

Always when I left Argentina I try to accept the tradition and I try to accept everything in Spain and in England. I don’t want to change things.

I was very impressed when…

For Andreas it is the way that he plays because he is really young but he looks older when he plays. For Edo it is the fantastic way that he trains because it very important to have the competition inside.

Do you like their music?

Oh, this is not good for me! American music or the pop or the DJ music, I like just for a few minutes but more than a half-hour is too much for me. I prefer another music. For me as a Latin American player, I listen more to reggaeton. Also I like to listen to rock – it is not for the changing room but I love Bon Jovi, Oasis, Red Hot Chilli Peppers. 

Let’s talk clothes…

All three of us, we tend all to wear sports clothes.

Do you see each other away from the club?

Not yet.