Assist king Fabregas on Chelsea TV

COMING SOON: Cesc Fabregas - Pass Master

Features 17/01/2017

Chelsea TV will be broadcasting a special show this evening focusing on Cesc Fabregas and his wonderful ability to provide assists.

Cesc Fabregas - Pass Master goes out at 6.45pm and features our Spanish midfielder discussing his qualities on the ball and why being able to supply crucial passes for team-mates over the course of his career has always been such an integral part of his game.

Fabregas has played in a number of different positions during his time at Chelsea, Barcelona and Arsenal, but regardless of whether he’s been operating as a deep-lying midfielder, just behind the striker or even slightly wider, his ability to pick a pass and create goalscoring opportunities has always remained.

In the show, Fabregas explains why he takes so much pleasure from providing assists.

‘When you look at statistics, for example, you see a midfielder that plays in my position and you say he has 95 per cent accuracy, he didn’t lose the ball, you know stuff like that,' he tells Chelsea TV. 'I will always lose more balls because I take a lot of risks.

'I like to play final balls, I see the striker on the move and I take the chance. I could play a simple pass just five yards away from me and keep the ball and play it simple but that’s not who I am. I always like to feed the striker to create chances and to score goals.’

Cesc Fabregas – Pass Master will be shown on Chelsea TV tonight at 6.45pm.